There’s a giant badger terrorising kids at my daughter’s school!


There’s a giant badger at my daughter’s school – causing hysteria (it’s an all girls school).

On one occasion it was spotted underneath one of the mobile classrooms – and the pupils were told to close the windows and not to leave until it was safe. Yesterday there were tales of it charging at a pupil and then sniffing her (but these are teenage girls who are full of drama that we are talking about here).

It seems there is a badger set at the bottom of the school field – which may have been disturbed by some building work going on there (like many schools, Folkestone School for Girls has sold off some of its land for housing – but my views on that are another blog post for another day….)

I was lucky enough to see one of these badgers, when I picked my daughter up from the last bus late on Thursday night and drove right past the school. It peeped out of some bushes and then ran back under cover when it saw my car. It was a lovely creature – and on spotting it my daughter shouted “It’s the badger”, but it turned out it wasn’t actually THE badger, not the giant one, just one of  the pack.

I hope the giant badger, the badger I saw and the others in this set are all going to be ok. My thoughts are that they might be captured humanely and moved, as the school might start getting concerned about pupil safety, with some pupils saying they are now too scared to walk past certain parts of the site in case a badger runs out and bites them! And those I have told about the badgers at the school have said that badgers can indeed bite.

The point of my blog today is not only to let you know the reason for why there are hundreds of screaming, hysterical girls in Sandgate, but also to get you to sign the petition to prevent the Government’s planned badger cull from going ahead later this year. It is already happening in a number of trial areas. Don’t let it happen here.

Badgers are no threat to us – and there is little or no evidence to say that they are actually responsible for causing bovine TB , or that the cull will help. They are lovely creatures and need our protection. Sign the petition to stop the cull: