My brand new blog grabs the local and national headlines!

I’m dodging the paparazzi this week – after my brand new blog hit the national headlines!

The Daily Mail website, the Metro website, the Folkestone Herald website, front page of the Kentish Express, animal welfare websites – and even a website for Special Constables!

On a Google search for Plain Jane’s Plain Speaking and the word badger the first three pages on the search results led to my blog!

I didn’t expect such fame and notoriety in my first fortnight! My badger blog post is all over Facebook and Twitter – I’ve gone viral!

So funny!

A future blog post is going to be about a world hunger event that I’d like to attend and another one will be about how my cat recently lost his miaow. I can already guess which one is going to get more views – and it won’t be the serious, important issue….

But hey ho, the power of social media eh!?!