Needle and thread


Money’s tight (my own fault as I want to travel around India later this year) and I’ve been wearing the same old things to work week in week out – and I need a change.

So it was time to get out the needle and thread! Now, anyone that knows me well will now be in a state of panic and worrying about what on earth I am going to put on tomorrow, but fear not.

I’ve had an old Matalan dress (which was a bargain when I bought it) which I haven’t worn for years as the hem was always falling down. So for some time now it’s been stuffed at the back of a cupboard just because I thought it would be easier to buy something new rather than to carry out a repair.

But with every penny counting at the moment I decided the time had come for a little bit of DIY. It took less than 10 minutes and cost me nothing (you will see from the picture how old the needle and cotton are!)- and now I have a “new” super dooper dress to wear tomorrow. How easy was that!

And just when I thought the day could get no better I remembered a coupon in the bottom of my bag for a free Sunday newspaper, courtesy of Tesco. What a superb cost cutting Sunday! And total saving – I reckon about £15.