It’s the pennies that turn into the pounds


Another money saving day – with all the pennies going in my trip to India fund…

First saving was 10p in a cafe in Hythe. Some might ask why I’m buying coffees in cafes, or why I’m going to cafes at all when I’m trying to save, but my answer is, I’ve got to have a life! While trying to reach my ultimate destination I’ve got to enjoy the journey along the way!

The 10p saved was by checking the cashier’s adding up – which was at fault. £1.80 for an Americano with soya milk, plus £1.80 for my friend’s Americano, plus the 30p extra they charge for mine being decaf (how can they possibly justify that? such a rip off), does not make £4.00. Now it might have taken me four attempts to get a Grace C in my Maths O’Level/GCSE, but even I know that makes £3.90. So after double checking calculations I fetched my 10p back.

The next extravagance, but necessity of the day, was I had to buy a new lead for my daughter’s computer as the plug literally exploded last night. I could have done with putting this purchase off, but as she’s in the middle of exams and has vital work stored on her computer, time was of the essence.

The first shop told me a new lead would be somewhere between £20 and £30. Not having that kind of cash spare at the moment I decided to look elsewhere and see if I could get it a bit cheaper. Visited Maplin and got it for a tenner!

Then the third saving of the day was on tonight’s dinner. Two pre-packaged sweet potatoes in Sainsbury’s, which I didn’t buy, were £1. Three sweet potatoes, not packaged, cost me 96p. If you consider that the packaged ones worked out at 50p each, I make that a saving of 54p.

So today’s total savings were 10p, plus £20, plus 54p, a total of £20.64. As the saying goes, it’s the pennies that turn into the pounds!