Budget meal – and not a bean or a lentil in sight!


Check out today’s sweet potato and spinach curry!

Such a lovely change from beans and lentils – and yet still a budget dish.

One sweet potato, 40p, half a bag of spinach, 75p, a teaspoon of tumeric, 5p, two teaspoons of curry powder, 10p, a can of coconut milk, 99p, a red onion, 20p and a red chilli, 15p.

Then I really splashed out and served it with rice and naans – delicious! Budget recipe page coming soon!


Every penny counts!

There comes a point when scrimping and saving becomes a little bit obsessive – and embarrassing to others and yes, I think I’ve reached that point.

Today’s money saver being a prime example.

Now, I absolutely hate paying for parking and avoid it at all costs, but today I had no choice but to cough up, as I was at a shopping centre where there is no nearby free parking (no, seriously, none at all, unless I’d have parked up on the motorway hard shoulder) – and I had a heavy item to carry from the shop, to my car.

Now I know that £1 for four hours isn’t bad, but even so, I only needed to go in one shop and was only going to be a matter of minutes, so I still resented having to pay. I was going to be so quick that I did think of putting a notice in my car saying “gone to get some change” in case the parking attendant passed by, but didn’t want to be clobbered with a ticket.

But just as I was about to throw caution to the wind and put a £1 coin in the parking meter, I noticed quite a few people laden with shopping bags and loading them into their cars, obviously done with their shopping trip and about to head home.

So I tapped one friendly looking shopper on the shoulder and asked if she was going – she was and she still had two hours left on her car parking ticket. So I bought it off her for 50p!

My daughter was highly embarrassed, but 50p is 50p! And saving that 50p might have been a bit cheeky, but it was funny at the same time. And not only did I end up getting bargain parking, but so did the other driver too.

You might have heard of the thrill of the chase – but for me, it’s the thrill of the saving!