Out of date eggs

Today’s lunch was an odd concoction – but if it makes a budget trip to India possible, then it’s got to be worth it!

My lunch was leftover lentil curry from Thursday, a wholemeal roll leftover from yesterday and a couple of spoonfuls of yesterday’s leftover home-made (of course) Moroccan cous cous.

My  daughter  was treated to a leftover roll from yesterday – and two, yes two (how extravagant was that!) cheese triangles.

She was going to have an egg, but the last remaining egg in the box was two days past its use by date. I did contemplate cooking it anyway but figured this might cost us dear in the long run – extra toilet roll from an upset stomach and a possible trip to the doctor (petrol there and back would be at least a pound) due to salmonella or food poisoning.

And now it’s time for a cup of tea and a home-made oat cookie (baked before work on Thursday, at 6.40am I’ll have you know, due to the fact I had nothing to put in the packed lunches).

A few pennies saved today. India here we come!


2 thoughts on “Out of date eggs

  1. Eggs. Self-vacuumed and safe to eat far longer than the date. I don’t even put ours in the fridge. Just hang them in the basket with the pans and completely ignore the dates.
    You may even discover yourself, whilst in India, the exquisite delicacy of the aged old egg, long buried in the ground until it’s putrid and green. They still eat them.

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